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So, I noticed that most stats in Code Vein don't have an illustration, sort of, that's the topic of this blog, there is a clear indication of each main scaling stat image in gifts that increase said stat, as well as the ones that increase resistance of a certain element, which also are identical to the illustration in it's tonic item, the status effects part in those images are also the same as in the hint menu, the same goes for elemental increasing gifts/cartridge items.

I would like to know what everyone think, in one hand having to write "lightning damage" for example in a template looks quite bland and takes more space than it should, though having it's image can be quite unclear for those who don't know what it is, do you think we sho…

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Call me Ken or Accel Call me Ken or Accel 14 August 2017

Gritty nit-picks about the game (so far)...

  1. Side hop while locked-on to an enemy instead of dodgeroll.
  2. Clashing animation when you and the enemy attacking at the same time.
  3. Retaliating/Cornered attacks for enemies to prevent 'cheesing'.
  4. 1 or couple more ranged weapons.

This blog obviously going to be changed and update.

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Call me Ken or Accel Call me Ken or Accel 10 August 2017

List of all the pages... cus reasons

  • 1 B
  • 2 C
  • 3 F
  • 4 G
  • 5 I
  • 6 L
  • 7 M
  • 8 P
  • 9 R
  • 10 T
  • 11 Y

  • Blood Bead
  • Blood Code
  • Blood Viels

  • Collapsed Capital
  • Collapsed Capital/City Center
  • Collapsed Capital/Underground Area

  • Focus
  • Frozen Sacred Mountain

  • Gift

  • Io

  • Lost
  • Louis

  • Mia Karnstein

  • Protagonist

  • Revenant

  • Thorns of Judgement

  • Yakumo Shinonomo
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