Jack Rutherford is a Revenant who has deep connection with the Protagonist. Known as "Revenant Hunter" by some, he is the Successor of the Eye. He is also a companion in Code Vein.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Jack was once the leader of a squad of revenants tasked with hunting the Queen and eliminating all threats in Vein. He was partnered with the Protagonist and the two seemed to have a friendly rapport. They discovered the Queen and eventually defeated her with help from Silva. After the battle, when they were on the verge of frenzy, Jack delivers what he believes to be a killing blow, intending to end the Protagonist's suffering, while Silva looks on.

He was later promoted to join ranks of the Cerberus. He and Eva are now in search of the other Successors.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Jack’s personal history. What we do know is that he led a unique and powerful squad of elite revenants during the campaign against the Queen.

In the aftermath Jack helped fight against remaining horrors within the Gaol of the Mists, sealing a few of the most powerful ones together with Valerio , a fellow revenant who was the first Successor of the Throat.

Jack became an overseer of the Successors, tasked with keeping an eye on their condition and replacing them as they lost control over their relics. Valerio was the first Successor Jack had to put down. It appears Jack’s work of putting down Successors at the end of their sanity earned him the perception of being a revenant hunter.

During this time Jack rescued a young woman being held captive by other revenants for food. Her throat had been badly damaged under their care, making her mute. His kind gesture and treatment of her later came back in the form of the woman voluntarily becoming a revenant and Successor in order to personally thank Jack and travel with him as a constant companion and support. That woman’s name is Eva.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Jack seems to be a young man, although he might be older than the Protagonist and other NPCs such as Louis if one takes into account that he had been a squad leader even before the Protagonist showed up.

He has white hair that seems to be gelled back, with a fringe covering the right side of his face, right eye included. The tips of his hair are blond.

A scar adorns the left side of his face, running through his light blue eye, and the skin enclosed by it is a light shade of grey as opposed to his rather fair complexion.

When he is in the Headquarters, he wears a striped black and white dress shirt with the collar unbuttoned; over this, he wears a black jacket and a red tie, which isn't tied. He also uses black leather jeans with a golden belt and a holster strapped to his right leg. Jack is also seen wearing a ring and a necklace, matching Eva's, as well as dark shoes.

When the Protagonist partners with Jack, he wears a white jacket draped over his shoulders.

In the Protagonist's memories, he can be seen wearing some type of camouflage-patterned coat, adorned with multiple belts, as well as gloves, heavy combat boots and knee protectors.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jack is a strict yet helpful companion, even though he is stubborn to find alternatives and reluctant to listen to suggestions or ideas from others.

Though outwardly cold and harsh, he is very tender with Eva. His feelings for her are so strong that he will listen to her and change his course of action for her. He is even willing to give his life for her.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jack's Blood Code Heimdall is named after the god of light and dawn and all-seeing guardian of the rainbow bridge Bifrost in Norse mythology. As the watcher and Successor of the Eye, Jack keeps vigil over the other Successors, to see how close they are to frenzy. [1] [2]

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