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The Lost are Revenants who have turned into dark, malevolent monsters by succumbing to their blood lust and losing their humanity. In order to escape from the suffering of their never-ending thirst for blood, they forever wander the world in search of new blood. They are the main enemies in Code Vein.


It is unknown how the Lost came to existence, but they were not present in great numbers prior to the Great Collapse. However, since the rise of the Queen, they began to grow at such a fast rate that half of Vein was overrun by the Lost.


When a Lost continues to live on, or die numerous times, they become more monstrous each time they are resurrected. However, as shown in the Oliver Collins fight, some Lost are capable of instantly transforming into stronger variants. It is unknown what makes this change occur.

Transformation into a Lost[]

Turning into a Lost is diverse on when and how it happens.

  • If a Revenant starves for too long, they might succumb to madness and eventually become a Lost.
  • If a Human was to die and fail to become a Revenant, they will turn into a Lost after resurrection.
  • If losing a mask in an affected area without a miasma and staying there for too long without recovering a new mask, they will turn into a Lost, just like Oliver Collins.


The Lost only act on basic instincts and survival. They are completely mindless beast that kill and consume without hesitation.

Powers and Abilities[]

Types of Lost[]

Lesser Lost[]

  • Acquisitive Fool
  • Argent Wolf Berserker
  • Argent Wolf Captain
  • Argent Wolf Soldier
  • Blazing Heretic
  • Blazing Radical
  • Blood-soaked Demoness
  • Blood-soaked Devil
  • Bloodthirsty Noblewoman
  • Bog Predator
  • Boreal Brute
  • Boreal Savage
  • Bug-eyed Noblewoman
  • Buried Fool
  • Dark Vampire Wolf
  • Demolitions Commando
  • Dust Cloud Bandit
  • Elite Veteran
  • Euphoric Soldier
  • Failed Experiment
  • Forgotten Devil
  • Ghastly Flesh
  • Ghastly Ice
  • Grime Mass
  • Hand of Ruin
  • Hunter in Black
  • Hunting Thrall
  • Lurking Demoness
  • Mud Gorger
  • Queen's Vanguard
  • Queen's Vanguard Puppet
  • Queen's Vanguard Reborn
  • Raging Noblewoman
  • Ravaging Thrall
  • Red Vampire Ape
  • Shamed Thrall
  • Sludge Mass
  • Snouted Wanderer
  • Stonecrusher
  • Thirsting Plunderer
  • Thirsting Slaughterer
  • Tool of Ruin
  • Vampire Ape
  • Vampire Wolf
  • Winged Thrall Head

Greater Lost[]