Louis is one of the main characters in Code Vein, and a Companion. Despite his young age, he is one of the Revenant leaders. He is also looking for and researching Blood Beads - a substitute for human blood - for a way to help Revenants that are suffering from bloodlust.

He is the younger brother of Karen Amamiya, and was once classmates with Cruz Silva.

History[edit | edit source]

Louis’s official bio on the Code Vein official website states that Louis lived on a remote island full of nature. Louis’s mother died from sickness when he was young. Later Louis’s father also died from sickness in spite of desperate care when Louis was 10 (and Karen—his older sister—14). A relative who lived far from Louis and Karen’s island home took them in.

Louis admired his quiet and kind father who made his living as a doctor. He often arrived home from work late. But he read different books to Louis whenever he could not fall asleep. According to the bio, Louis cherished those moments when his father read to him.

Louis and his older sister Karen both aspired, “to become a doctor and save peoples lives like their father.” Towards that end they applied to a university with an adjoint military research center on scholarships and were admitted. Louis excelled in class and became close friends with Cruz Silva in university.

Louis survived the Great Collapse along with his sister Karen and Cruz Silva. As revenants were created and side effects arose Cruz volunteered to become a prime candidate of Project Queen, Louis was given permission secretly to visit Cruz once a day. Louis saw Cruz as she began to struggle with the BOR Parasite inside her. A memory echo in one of Louis’s Vestiges reveals that Cruz begged Louis to kill her during a visit that he normally would not have been given clearance for. But, Louis could not bring himself to euthanize Cruz. Cruz later went into frenzy and killed almost everyone within the facility, including Louis and his older sister Karen. We also see in the memory echo that Cruz—now the Queen—killed Louis and Karen herself with one of her Gifts as Louis held his wounded sister, surrounded by a mauled, burning environment. Louis was 20 years old at the time he died.

Louis took longer to wake up than his sister Karen. He was still asleep at the end of Operation Queenslayer. But he was not showing any signs of rejection of his implanted BOR Parasite. This gave Karen hope that Louis would wake up someday.

Louis awakens to the world after the Queen’s death with his last memories of Cruz’s frenzy still in his mind. Then, as Louis describes it: “Each time I learned something new about our world, or the state of those living in it, my feelings of guilt pierced me even deeper. Starving revenants fighting each other for a handful of blood beads...And the ranks of the Lost swelling with each successive conflict. I spend my restless days in battle, trying to keep my head above water. Only when I’m engaged in the rush of combat can I close my eyes to the gravity of what I’ve done.” Louis became an infamous fighter among the revenants over time, known by his crimson sword. It is assumed that Louis began to study blood beads as well, part of his efforts to find a way for revenants and humans to live together in peace while avoiding extinction.

Louis’ skills made collecting blood beads fruitful enough to be able to support another struggling young revenant by the name of Hunter. Louis had confronted merciless revenants while out researching blood beads before. Hunter was a young revenant enslaved by such revenants to collect blood beads, a thrall. Louis drove off Hunter’s captors and began to support him by giving him blood beads. Louis visiting Hunter to give him blood beads had become something of a routine. Hunter often offered to help Louis in any way he could. Louis would turn down those offers, telling Hunter to focus on keeping himself alive and well. But one day Louis came to visit Hunter and found his place ripped apart. Louis learned from another revenant who said he knew Hunter that a revenant had attacked him for his blood beads and turned him to ash.

He does lose memories important to him as he dies and rises again, leaving Vestiges behind: his visits with Cruz, his death during her frenzy and pieces of his interactions with the revenant Hunter.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He seems to be a young man, approximately in his early 20s if one takes into account the conversations he had with Cruz in his first vestige. Louis’s official bio on the Code Vein website confirms that Louis was 20 years old at the time he died.

He has a somewhat untamed black hair that covers the right side of his face and red eyes. He always wears a necklace that loops through a wide metal-looking ring. The ring itself is a black band with silver-colored edges.

When he is in the Headquarters, he wears a white dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves, with the collar unbuttoned; over this, he wears a vest that gradually fades from red to black (top to bottom). He also uses black leather jeans held by a sideways belt with studs. He finishes this look with red boots held by two belts.

When the Protagonist partners with Louis, he wears a ogre-style Blood Veil jacket fastened to his left arm.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Louis is calm, intelligent and compassionate towards both humans and revenants. He also carries a weight of guilt on him for choices he has made in the past that has cost people’s lives. That guilt is part of what drives him to research the blood beads, the bloodsprings and blood veins, searching for a way for revenants and humans to be able to live together in peace.

I couldn’t stop Cruz from going into a frenzy. So many people lost their lives, including my sister. I wanted to forget my frailty...But...if we can find the Source [of the bloodsprings] and ensure a stable supply of blood beads, then revenants will be freed from their thirst. Once that happens, there will no longer be any need for Silva’s levy system, and humans and revenants will finally be able to live together in peace. I’m going to take responsibility for my past. I think it’s the least I can do.” -- Louis’s dialogue after the protagonist opens the memory echo of Louis’s first Vestige found. That Vestige held the memories of Louis visiting Cruz up to the day of her frenzy, when Louis and Karen died.

Louis believes that humans should be treated as having the same rights as revenants. This is reflected in his treatment of humans both in the face of other revenants and in front of humans themselves. Louis will rescue and defend humans from revenants who would use them like animal livestock to quell their bloodthirst.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Being a revenant gives Louis enhanced speed, strength, and endurance far beyond the capabilities of a normal human.
  • Louis' Blood code Prometheus also gives him the ability to cast multiple fireballs from his hand and increase his already heightened speed.
  • When paired up with the Protagonist, Louis can use a communal gift with them called "Reckless abandon" which alters evasive movements and increases attacks

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At Home Base, Louis is often seen around either Yakumo, Coco, or Jack.
  • Louis is possibly related to Lindow Amamiya from the God Eater series, possibly Lindow's father. However, it may simply be a reference.
  • It has been confirmed that Louis was age 20 and a university student when he died. This was after the Great Collapse and during Cruz’s frenzy as the newly birthed Queen.[1] This information makes it less likely that Louis is both Tsubaki and Lindow’s father. It does not rule out, however, that the three of them may be relatives.
  • Louis loves to read and learn, making books and comics highly accepted gifts for him.
  • Louis does not like spicy food.[2]
  • He appears to have a fondness for chocolate, as giving him some as a gift gives special dialogue.
    • A closer look at his desk shows a candy bar of some sort in the corner.
  • Louis' Blood code is called Prometheus, in reference to the Greek titan of the same name. Louis' abilities surrounding fire and his love of learning all correspond to Prometheus, who gave fire (knowledge) to humans.
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