Successors are Revenants who have within them Relics of the Queen.

History[edit | edit source]

To stop the ceaseless resurrection of the queen, her body is divided into relics. A small number of revenants, that are compatible with the relics, are chosen to have those relics implanted into them (often with their consent). Those successors are then brought to a specific place (by Jack) where they live out the rest of their lives in a constant struggle against frenzying. Successors have within them the ability to alter their surrounding into something of their choice termed as crypts.

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Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Blood of the Queen - The ability to cleanse miasma, purify vestiges, and revive Bloodsprings.

Eye of the Queen - The ability to see miasma energy and sense other Successors.

Claw of the Queen - The ability to manipulate fire completely and enhance one's dexterity and mobility.

Throat of the Queen - The ability to manipulate sand completely and soothe the frenzied with singing.

Breath of the Queen - The ability to manipulate ice completely and enhance one's physical resistances.

Heart of the Queen - Though not explicitly stated, it can be assumed its primary ability is the generation of blood veins, blood springs and mistles.

Ribcage of the Queen - (*the following details are speculated) The ability to teleport short distances and cast an overwhelming amount of ranged attack abilities.

Brain of the Queen - Though not explicitly known, it can be assumed that the ability of the Brain of the Queen is what empowered or directly created the red miasma mists surrounding Vein, the Gaol of the Mists. Sustaining the barrier appeared to require lots of blood to maintain it.

***From the scene where Juzo Mido kills three of his creations to release three pieces of the queen’s body, we know that there are at least three other unnamed pieces of the queen’s body.

List of Successors[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Protagonist becomes the first of the successors after He/She drains the Queen's blood during the final battle of operation Queenslayer.
  • The Protagonist will only fight 5 successors during the course of the main questline, The Successor of the Ribcage, The Successor of the Breath, The Successor of the Claw, The Successor of the Throat, and The Successor of the Brain.
  • A unnamed Successor is eliminated by Jack and has his relic transferred to Eva.
  • Every single Successor is assigned an Attendant to ease their suffering; unfortunately though, not all Attendants reach the Successor they are assigned to.
  • Successors are located in special areas called Crypts. Every Crypt is unique to its Successor and created by the Successor themselves, using the power of their relic to mold the surrounding Thorns of Judgement into a form of their choice.
  • It is possible for a single Successor to possess multiple Relics, as Eva and later Silva have been shown to do so. The Protagonist shows this ability too. However, doing so comes at the risk of frenzy.
  • It is possible for a successor to not own a crypt (and hence not be held within the prison of their own creation) if they have a high compatibility rate with the relics, and hence a much lower chance of frenzy. This is displayed by both the protagonist and Eva. Jack was able to wander about largely due to the calming ability of the Successor of the Throat and his role in being the "caretaker" of the successors.
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