Yakumo Shinonome is a Revenant and companion in Code Vein. He once was a mercenary before he became a Revenant. 

Introduction[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

We learn from memory echos that Yakumo Shinonome lived in an orphanage alongside Emily Su, Miguel, Riki and others before being adopted by Juzo Mido with other orphans. They were used in inhumane human experiments. While they wanted to escape the cruelty, Yakumo and the others were unable to. Yakumo could cheer the others up by making onigiri (rice balls) for them. This was all before the Great Collapse.

After the Great Collapse Yakumo and the others became mercenaries and fought against the horrors. Yakumo fought alongside Emily and Riki. Once, Riki wanted to abandon comrades in order to survive. Yakumo talked Riki out of making that choice. Reiki did end up splitting off and forming his own unit. Riki and Yakumo with their units were eventually killed, mauled by the horrors.

Juzo Mido gathered the corpses of Yakumo and the others to revive them as revenants. However, Yakumo did not wake up as soon as the others. His revival took much longer. It is inferred that Yakumo slept through Operation Queenslayer and the selection of Successors while his other friends--awake and still under the cruel and manipulating thumb of Juzo Mido--participated in the events. 

We learn through memory echos also that Yakumo's friends kept his sleeping self alive more than once while waiting for him to wake up. First, Mido threatened Emily and revenants under him with pulling the plug on those still dormant if they did not continue to participate in Mido's cruel experiments. Later, during the selection of Successors, Mido was about to pull the plug on all those dormant again and use them towards making Successors. Emily Su stepped in and offered to become a Successor in exchange for keeping the others alive. Emily became a successor. But Mido did not keep his word safety for the others.

Finally, the place where Yakumo and the others lying dormant were was attacked by the Lost. Riki, Yakumo's long-time friend whom he constantly butt head with, brought Yakumo's body to safety and held off the invaders while others escaped. His reason for saving Yakumo was so he could "give it to him" when he woke up. But Riki was turned to ash in the conflict.

Yakumo meets and joins Louis some time after waking. It is assumed he did so in efforts to find his friends while exploring with Louis. 

When you, the protagonist, meet Yakumo in the game, he is initially cautious of you while accepting you as part of the group when Louis asks you to join their exploration of blood veins. Yakumo acknowledges your invaluable ability to clear the miasma and revitalize Bloodsprings when he sees it in action. 

On your journeys you learn that Yakumo makes and eats onigiri even though he doesn't need to eat and carries with him a picture of himself and two of his close friends, who are Emily Su and Riki

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Yakumo has dull red hair tied up in a pony tail with bangs in front. He has lime green eyes with slits.

Additionally, he has a broad build and stands fairly tall.

Inside the Headquarters, he can be seen wearing a a dark brown mesh shirt and brown fingerless gloves. His pants have a camouflage-pattern and he wears a little bag at the left thigh, as well as dark boots.

When chosen as a companion, he has a dark brown Blood Veil draped over his shoulders, with the first few buttons at the collar closed.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Yakumo is a strong willed fighter and a great friend to the Protagonist and Louis Amamiya, but most importantly, to Emily Su and Riki.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Atlas is a titan in Greek mythology, condemned to hold up the celestial heavens for eternity. He bears the weight of the world on his shoulders. [1]
  • Yakumo makes and eats onigiri (or rice balls) as a way of retaining his humanity and the memory of his friends. He does not need the food as blood is all revenants need, but eats onigiri anyway.

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